Corporate Security

Our corporate security capability is widely recognized as among the best in the business.

We didn’t set out to become a corporate security provider, our security specialisation started out as a bespoke service for high end luxury brand environments.  Increasingly, this enhanced style of security is demanded by corporate clients who need the same high levels of training and customer service.

This is what marks us out as unique in today’s market where customer service is an essential requirement for any corporate security team.  Our clients demand high standards, and so do we, it’s what defines us. Delivering corporate security is a complex and demanding task, each client has very specific needs and understanding and interpreting them can be a difficult task.

Our corporate security teams protect and enhance the reputations and environments they operate in.  We take great pride in our services and this always benefits our clients and our staff, consistency is essential and we work hard to ensure that we achieve this.

Our senior management team has vast experience managing security teams across a range of sectors, even so, each client will always have different requirements and full consideration and consultation is always given to each client’s needs before mobilisation and deployment.

When you engage Andrews International UK to provide a corporate security service, you can rest assured that your requirements will be fully met; every time.

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